Florida Insurance

Floridians face some unique insurance challenges because of hurricanes and the need for wind insurance. The location of your home in Florida determines your wind region and the resulting wind your home must withstand.

If you are on a coastal area the possible winds can reach up to 150 MPH in a hurricane and your Florida home owners insurance must reflect this to have proper insurance protection.

Auto insurance in Florida is not that different from other states but each state including Florida does have specific requirements.

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Articles about Florida Insurance

Florida Home Inspection

Florida has a reputation for having high homeowners insurance, however, there’s an easy way you can get up to a 50% discount on your home insurance - with an inspection focused on reducing wind damage and loss.

Florida Home Insurance

Many Americans call Florida home because of its beautiful coastline, beaches, and warm weather.  Its location also exposes Florida to hurricanes from the tropical waters.  Unfortunately, the exposure to hurricanes is one of the main reasons Florida home insurance rates are higher than the average.

Florida Car Insurance

Florida car insurance laws cover two main areas:  No Fault Law and Financial Responsibility Law.  These two laws protect you as a Florida driver and hold you accountable for accidents. You can only get auto insurance coverage from companies licensed by the Florida Department of Insurance.

Florida Homeowners Insurance Savings

If you own a home in Florida then you know that home owners insurance can be expensive. The biggest cost for most Floridians is wind insurance, which is a distinct item. For many home owners close to the coast the wind portion of a home owners insurance premium can be 60 percent of the insurance cost.