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Tallahassee Restaurants

Tallahassee has a lot of great restaurants. Around FSU there are a ton of restaurants that cater to students with low cost food and food styles that college students want. And around Tallahassee from downtown near the capital to Apalachee Parkway and over to Killearn there are many great places to eat.

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Restaurants Near FSU

On the edge of campus and close enough to walk there are several good restaurants. Since Pizza is a staple for college students our list includes three pizza restaurants that are right next to FSU.

Loop Pizza is known for great pizza and good service. Papa Johns delivers to the FSU campus and Gumbys Pizza is known for good pizza and low prices.

Backyard Burgers is a step up from your average fast food restaurants. They have excellent angus beef burgers and a variety of chicken sandwiches.

Jasmine Cafe has great sushi and other Asian food as well as other dishes. They also servce beer, wine, and sake.

Great Breakfast and Great Lunch
Jim and Milts is one of our favorite restaurants in Tallahassee. Within walking distance of FSU, Jim and Milts is the place to get a great breakfast or excellent barbecue lunch. The service is excellent and the prices are good.

Jim and Milts
1923 W Pensacola St
Tallahassee, FL 32304

Great Oysters and Shrimp
Tallahassee is about one hour from the Gulf of Mexico (just go south) so it should have good seafood. Barnacle Bills has been serving up fresh tasty oysters for over 25 years. Chose from raw oysters, steamed oysters, oysters rockefellar, florentine, or parmesan.

Barnacle Bills also has a variety of shrimp, fish, chicken, and crab.

Barnacle Bills
1830 North Monroe Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32303-4724

Comments about: Tallahassee Restaurants

Cool article. Did not know about Jim & Milts.  I just moved here to start school in the fall and was looking for some good b-que.  I will check it out.  By the way, I really like your site.  Can you do some articles on bars and drink specials in Tally?

By Corey on 08-09-2008

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