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Sunpass is the fastest way to cruise through tolls booths on many Florida highways. Sure it saves you money in most cases because you pay a lower toll but cruising through the toll booth without stopping is even a bigger savings - time.

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Sunpass Signs

Sunpass signs on the Florida Turnpike.

If you drive the Florida Turnpike you know about Sunpass. At every toll plaza you will see Sunpass lanes - usually the left lanes. To use the Sunpass Lanes you need a Sunpass transponder, which attaches to your windshield and a Sunpass account.

A transponder costs $25 and you must setup a minimum $25 balance on your account - so it costs you a total of $50 to get started.

The Benefits of Sunpass:

  • You Save on Tolls - 25 cents less than cash customers on the Turnpike
  • You Save Time - lots of time

A few of the places where you can use Sunpass

  • The Florida Turnpike
  • The Orlando Airport (parking) - more airports soon
  • Sawgrass Expressway
  • Alligator Alley (Broward/Collier)
  • Seminole Expressway (Orlando)
  • Suncoast Parkway (Tampa)

Saving Time and Money with Sunpass

On a trip from south Florida (Broward County) to Disney World you will save $3.30 each way by using Sunpass. But the time savings can be even more significant. It is not unusual to cruise through a Sunpass Lane and see lines - really long lines.

Drivers that pay cash on the Turnpike make spend 10 to 15 minutes at each toll plaza during peak times.  That translates into a savings of 30 minutes to an hour on a 2 hour drive.

Sunpass Express Lanes

Sunpass Express Lanes on the Turnpike

Purchasing Sunpass

You can purchase a Sunpass transponder at either a Publix Supermarket or CVS Pharmacy in addition to online at sunpass.com .  Regardless of where you purchase your Sunpass transponder you must setup an account and activate it on sunpass.com.

Typically you will setup your account with a credit card to be charged when your account balance reaches a certain level. You can always login to your account on sunpass.com, check your balance, print receipts, and view activity.

Using Sunpass

Your Sunpass transponder should be attached to your windshield - usually with suction cups. As you drive through Sunpass lanes your transponder transmits a radio signal and the toll is deducted from your account. 

Sunpass Sounds and Lights
Each time you drive through a Sunpass lane you should hear a sound from your transponder and see the lights that indicate the status of your account.

A single High Pitched tone and Long Green Light means your toll was paid.

No light and a tone of high - low - high - low means your toll was paid but you have a low balance

No light and a tone of low - low - low means that the toll was not paid. There is a problem with your transponder.

A flashing green light and a tone of high - high means your toll was paid and your account has been replenished.

Sunpass Lanes

As you drive on the Florida Turnpike and other roads that support Sunpass you will see signs for the Sunpass lanes. Usually they are on the left. There are two types of Sunpass lanes on the Turnpike - Sunpass Only and Sunpass Express.

Sunpass Only

Lanes with the sign Sunpass Only have no attendants or toll baskets. As you drive through these lanes your transponder is read. The speed limit for Sunpass only lanes is 25 MPH.

Express Lanes

To speed up traffic there are now Sunpass Express Lanes that allow you to maintain your speed, not slow down and pay your toll via Sunpass.

Exits With Sunpass Only

Certain exits on the Florida Turnpike accept only Sunpass. There is plenty of warning as you approach these exits so only use them if you have a Sunpass transponder. Usually there is another exit close by that accepts cash as well as Sunpass.

Comments about: Sunpass

Is the website for replenishing sunpass currently unavailable?
I have done it in the past, but the website is unavailable, can you help?

By Norma Daniel on 10-17-2008

When I go through the sunpass lane, I hear 3 beeps now.  What does that signal mean?

By suzanne ravitz on 11-07-2008

To replenish the balance on your sunpass account you go to: https://www.sunpass.com/index - we just tested the site and it is working fine.

Three beeps can mean one of three things:

1. Your Transponder is invalid
2. Your batteries are low
3. Toll was not paid and you have insufficient funds. You should disable the transponder (take out the batteries) and pay cash until you fix the problem.

Note that in mid 2008 a new Transponder was released that is paper thin and costs about $4.99 at publix.

By Inside Florida on 11-14-2008

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