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Student Housing at UF

As a freshman college student one of the many things you have to think about is housing. For freshman, on campus dorms are a good option as they eliminate your need for a car, cooking, and paying bills for an apartment, utilities, etc.

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Pugh Hall Dorm

Pugh Hall on the Campus of the University of Florida

Student housing at the University of Florida is divided into two main area - East and West halls.

The East Campus Halls at the University of Florida are most requested by incoming freshman. There are 12 halls that are close to a campus swimming pool, tennis courts, and Broward Beach where students hang out and enjoy the Florida sun.

East Campus Dorms

The east campus halls are most requested by incoming freshman at the University of Florida. Very near all the halls in this area are an outdoor swimming pool, a series of tennis courts, and a large grassy area dubbed ” Broward Beach” where students and residents meet to enjoy the sun. Also in close proximity is the recently-constructed Broward Dining Facility.

There are 12 student dorms in the east campus area.

West Campus Dorms

The dorms in the wester area of campus at UF offer a wide variety of housing and special housing options. Some of the Dorms offer single rooms, Tolbert Hall has faculty living in the Dorm, East Hall is the home of the East Hall Engineering Community.

North Hall is a Co-op, which means that students exchange lower rental costs for doing custodial and maintenance.

The Honors Residential College at Hume Hall is the newest dorm at the University of Florida. It is two buildings that has housing for 608 residents, a commons buiding, two multimedia-capable classrooms, faculty offices, space for tutoring and academic advising; small group study space; a large activity room; an Honors Council Office; and a 24-hour information desk.

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