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State of Florida Government

Tallahassee is where you will find the Governor, Department of State, Department of Education and every major branch of the State of Florida Government. The center of Florida government is housed in the new 22 story capitol building.

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The Capitol of Florida

The new Capitol Building in Tallahassee

State government provides many services to residents of Florida, visitors, and those moving to Florida.

Florida Government Services

As a resident of Florida you don’t think about or interact with State Government daily but the state provides many of the services you use and need. From the Florida DMV to Sales Tax and the Florida Turnpike to tracking sex offenders the State is hard at work.

Florida DMV

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles - the DMV is one state of Florida department that every resident and anyone moving to Florida needs. Headquartered in Tallahassee the DMV has local offices in every county in Florida. Services provided by the DMV include:

  • New drivers licenses and learners permits
  • Commercial drivers license
  • License plates and vehicle title
  • Car registration
  • Boat registration
  • Mobile home registration

The DMV provides many services those listed above are just the most common.

Florida Department of Education

The Department of Education provides Florida schools and students with support and resources. This includes public schools, community colleges, and universities.

If you need education assistance to enhance your skills or because of a handicap the Florida DOE has many programs that may help you.

Contact the Florida Department of Education

Florida Department of Revenue

Florida has no income tax but the state does collect taxes in the form of property taxes, sale taxes (6 percent), motor vehicle registration fees and taxes.

Sales Tax on out of State Purchases
If you purchase merchandise out of the State of Florida and bring it into the state within 6 months of the purchase date you will pay a use tax. No use tax is due if the out of state seller charged a tax of 6 percent of more. But if you paid less than 6 percent you will pay the difference between 6 percent and the rate you paid.

Collecting Taxes - Florida Business Owners
If you own a business and will collect taxes you must register with the department of Revenue.

Paying or Receiving Child Support
If you are paying or receiving child support in the State of Florida the Department of Revenue provides enforcement and payment services.

Florida Department of Financial Services

The Florida Department of Financial Services manages the state budge and pays the states bills. The Department of Financial Services also regulates insurance companies and provides a large variety of education and information to Floridians related to financial decisions.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement provides crime laboratories, investigative, and forensic services to the state’s criminal justice community. The FLDE provides tracking of sexual predators, career offenders, and criminal history checks.

The Florida Supreme Court Building

The Supreme Court of Florida in Tallahassee

Taxes in Florida

Florida has no state income tax, which attracts new residents to the sunshine state. State sales taxes in Florida are 6%.

Hotel Tax Revenue
Because Florida is an enormous tourist destination the state generates revenue through taxes related to travel such as hotel taxes. Hotel taxes are called taxes on “living/sleeping accommodations”  and these taxes range from 7 percent in tiny Florida counties to 14 percent in Miami Dade County.

Sales Taxes
Many Florida counties raise revenue by adding a small amount to the 6 percent sales tax. Most counties add 1 percent raising the total sales tax to 7 percent, while many only add a 1/2 percent.

Tallahassee old capitol building

The historic capitol of Florida in Tallahassee

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