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If you could only visit 2 theme parks in Orlando, Seaworld would have to be on your list.

At Seaworld you can see a 10,000 pound killer whale jump 20 feet of out the water, propel a trainer like a rocket, and use its’ tail to splash the first 15 rows of spectators. And that’s just one show.

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Shamu and Trainer

Shamu and a trainer at Seaworld, Orlando FL

Seaworld Orlando
7007 SeaWorld Drive
Orlando, FL 32821
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Seaworld Tickets

Theme parks aren’t cheap but the big ones like Seaworld are worth it.  There are a few ways for Florida Residents to save on SeaWorld Tickets  and we have highlighted them on our Florida Resident Discounts page or you can go straight to the SeaWorld Tickets Page where you can but tickets online.

The Inside Florida team recently visited Seaworld (for like the 5th time) and we had a great day.  Seaworld is a mixture of scheduled shows, rides, and exhibits.

To see the shows you have to show up 15 to 30 minutes early so it’s best to plan your day around the show schedules.

Our 3 favorite shows are The Shamu Show, Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island, and Pets Ahoy. Shamu is clearly the star of Seaworld.

Shamu at Seaworld
The Shamu Show is a group of Killer Whales doing amazing stunts both on their own, with other whales, and with trainers. Yes, people intentionally get in the water with the killer whales.

Shamu is the star at Seaworld so if you want to get a decent seat you should show up early. If the park is busy then get to the Shamu show about 30 minutes early. The first 15 rows or so are the splash zone. There is a good chance you will get soaked if you sit there.

The Splash Zone
There a few things you need to know about the splash zone. First of all it’s deceiving. At first Shamu does a few jumps and splashes a little water on the first few rows. So you think OK, that wasn’t so bad and you relax. But a few seconds later Shamu swims slowly around and using his tail, which is about 15 feet wide, splashes a wall of water onto the first 15 rows. It looks like a tidal wave.


Shamu at Seaworld

Shamu jumping at Seaworld Orlando, FL

Shows at Seaworld

At this point people are running for the cheap seats and you are soaked. So don’t site in the Splash zone if don’t want to get wet or have anything (like a nice camera) that will be ruined by water.

Cold Water
One more thing, the water is 52 degrees Fahrenheit, which is comfortable for Killer Whales but freezing for us Humans.

Who is Shamu

Shamu isn’t one whale but rather a common name used for whales that perform in the show. The show starts with relatively small killer whales that look big when you first see them. But near the end of the show the big guy comes out and it’s impressive. The shear size of Shamu takes your breath away. And when he starts jumping you’re going to say wow!

Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island

Clyde and Seamore are a walrus and a sea lion that star in a show with a few Seaworld trainers dressed up like pirates. The entire show takes place on pirate ship and island and is very entertaining. There is also a very funny sea otter. This show is especially good for younger kids.

Before the show starts there is a very funny mime that entertains the crowd and makes fun of people as they get to their seats.

Pets Ahoy

Pets Ahoy was really a great show. It’s funny and makes you think, can my dog do that? Pets Ahoy stars dogs, cats, rats, birds, pigs and other animals doing some really amazing stunts as part of a comedy show. If you love animals you have to see this show.

Exhibits at Seaworld

Seaworld has lots of exhibits that you can visit on your schedule. A few of the highlights for us include the Shark Encounter, Dolphin Cove, Dolphin Nursery, Manatee Rescue, and Pacific Point Preserve.

Shark Encounter

Imagine you are in a glass tube under water surrounded by sharks. That is Shark Encounter. Sharks - and other kinds of fish - swim above you and next to you as you ride on a moving sidewalk. It’s worth going through Shark Encounter a few times so you can see the different kinds of sharks.

Dolphin Cove

Dolphin Cove is a huge cove filled with dolphins.  What makes it really special is that you can pet the dolphin, they come right up to you.  Dolphin cove is designed to be interactive. One side is built so that you can easily lean over and touch the dolphin and there are Seaworld folks taking pictures so you can get a picture of you petting a dolphin.

Dolphin Nursery

The Dolphin Nursery is a smaller tank that has new dolphin mothers and their calves (baby dolphin). You can get really close to the dolphin at the Dolphin Nursery and in our last visit there were several babies. The mom and baby swim very close together and if you are lucky you can hear them communicating with clicks and other noises.

Dolphin at Seaworld

A mother Dolphin in the nursery at Seaworld, Orlando FL

Manatee Rescue

Florida is famous for manatees. Huge, slow moving, prehistoric looking mammals that can be seen in the warm Florida waters. Manatees are endangered because they get hit by fast moving boats and all the Manatees at Seaworld have been rescued. 

You can get a great view of the Manatees at Seaworld from above or through the glass and they are amazing creatures.

Pacific Point Preserve

Pacific Point Reserve is a little out of place in Florida. It’s a large group of California Sea Lions and Harbor Seals. And you can feed them, which gets up close. Everyone loves seals and Pacific Point Preserve gives you a chance to get real close and see their cute faces.

There are also lots of interesting birds hanging around including Great Egrets.

Rides at Seaworld

Seaworld in Orlando has rides, which is news to most people who just think of it as a marine park. There is the Skytower, which slowly takes you up 400 feet high so you get a great view of Seaworld and much of the Orlando area. It comes down slowly as well so it’s not scary at all.

The Kraken Roller Coaster

The Kraken is a different story. Every parks seems to be competing when it comes to roller coasters and so why not Seaworld. The Kraken is ranked as one of the top ten roller coasters. It will take you higher, drop you longer, and spiral you faster than any roller coaster in Orlando.

Journey to Atlantis

Journey to Atlantis at Seaworld is combination water ride and roller coaster. The ride is fast and drops you in the dark. You will get wet but most of our crew found it fun. Younger kids (10 and under) may or may not find it a little scary.


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