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Miami Science Museum

The Miami Science Museum provides interactive science education with a Planetarium, Wildlife Center, Movie Theater, and Youth Programs.

Visit the Miami Science Museum for the day or become a member and get free admission.

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An Owl at the Miami Science Museum

An Owl in the wildlife center at the Miami Science Museum

Miami Science Museum

3280 South Miami Avenue

Miami, Florida 33129
(305) 646-4200

Learn About Wildlife

At the Miami Science Museum you can touch an Alligator, Snake, Lizard, and other animals. The wildlife experts at the museum teach visitors all about reptiles and other animals.

The Bird of Prey Center at the Miami Science Museum provides rehabilitation for injured birds of prey. Recently the museum received an injured short eared owl that will be nursed back to health.

Planetarium at Miami Science Museum

The Planetarium at the Miami Science Museum has been a major attraction since it opened in 1966.

At the heart of the Planetarium is SPITZ - Space Transit Planetarium - a star projector that can accurately reproduce the planets and starts as seen from anywhere on earth.

Surround sound, video projection, and lasers all presented on 4 story tall screens make the Planetarium experience memorable.


The Planetarium at Miami Science Museum

The Planetarium at the Miami Science Museum is one of the major attractions

Powerful Telescopes

Inside the Planetarium are two powerful telescopes where you can view the planets, the four moons of Jupiter, the Rings of Saturn, as well as Galaxies, Nebulas, and Double Stars.

Bugs and Crime

The Crime Scenes exhibit at the Miami Science Museum teaches about forensic entomology, which is the use of insects including beetles, flies and other bugs to discover details in a crime scene.


Travel back to the time of the Dinosaurs and discover the evolutionary connection between Dinosaurs and birds.

A computer exhibit allows you to speed up time and see evolution with your own eyes.

In the discovery area you can play games, work puzzles, and participate in other hands on activities.


Evolution of Dinosaurs Exhibit

The evolution of dinosaurs and birds exhibit at the Miami Science Museum

Bald Eagle at Miami Science Museum

A Bald Eagle at the Miami Science Museum in the Wildlife Center

Heart Disease Education

As heart disease is a serious health problem the museum has the Heart Smart exhibit where you can learn about heart disease and measure you risks.

Take your blood pressure, measure your height, weight and health habits so you understand how to reduce your risks. There is even a relaxation area where you can relax, improve your mood, and hopefully feel your heart rate slow down.

The Reclamation Project

The reclamation project explores the ability of humans to coexist with nature. An example are the mangrove seedlings being grown.

Mangroves thrived on the very ground where the museum stand today. The seedlings will be planted on Biscayne Bay.

Explore the Human Body

The Vital Space exhibit takes you inside a human body using nano robots via a touch screen.

You will travel through the major organs, cellular structure, and into the DNA inside a human body.

Learn about Gravity

Sir Isaac Newton is famous for discovering gravity and describing how the worlds works with his “Universal Laws of Motion”.

The Newtons Notions exhibit lets you explore his discoveries with a hands on approach. Push, pull, lift, drop, stop, go and bounce your way to understanding the universe.

Camps at the Miami Science Museum

Looking for activities for you children? The Miami Science Museum offers camps during the summer, on teacher workdays, and during winter break.

Summer Camp at the Museum has been operating for 43 years and accepts ages 3 to 14.

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