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Mallory Square

At the very tip of Key West, where the road ends is Mallory Square where locals and visitors gather for a nightly sunset celebration. At Mallory Square you will see fantastic sunsets, street performers, local artists, and many surprises.

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Mallory Square Sunset

Sunset at Mallory Square, Key West

The Inside Scoop on Mallory Square

  • Awesome sunsets
  • Street performers
  • Local vendors
  • A great place for dinner
  • Good for children
  • Walking distance to Duval Street, Cruise Ships, Mel Fisher Museum
  • Parking in the Westin Hotel garage on Front Street

Key West hangs into the Gulf of Mexico with nothing to block your view to the West but Sunset key - a small Island. At the very tip of Key West, Mallory Square is the place to see the Sunset - and the sunsets are consistently fantastic. Night after night you will see pink, yellow, orange, purple and every combination of vibrant colors.

To add to the sunset experience Mallory Square is always buzzing with beautiful sailboats floating by, navy planes flying over, street performers and an enthusiastic crowd.

The Inside Florida Team spent about three hours at Mallory Square on July 10, 2008, below is a description of our experience along with photos.


Mallory Square Crowd

The crowd gathers for the sunset celebration at Mallory Square, Key West

Live Entertainment at Mallory Square

The crowd was already big when we arrived at about 6:50 PM. A performer was putting on a trapeze act - walking a tight rope right on the edge of the dock. The docks at Mallory Square are a good 20 feet above the water so falling is dangerous. The trapeze artist did a few tricks and was entertaining. He also mentioned that he was recovering from a torn ACL so we should not expect anything to dramatic.

Performing Cats and Dominique the Cat Man
The Cat Man is well known in Key West. Our first impression was who is this nut. He has an indistinguishable accent and spends much of his time yelling “Oscar”, the name of one of the star cats.

He draws a big crowd and is very energetic. His cats walk tight ropes, jump through hoops of fire and jump from platform to platform. They also wonder out into the crowd, which sends the Cat Man following. The cats are typical house cats - orange, black, and gray tabby.  If you love cats this is a great show. It is entertaining and you can buy a Cat Man tee-shirt.

Bagpipes in Key West
Key West is a long way from Scotland but there is a lone bagpipe player at Mallory Square. The music was good, he is friendly, and of course he is “The Southern Most Bagpipe Player in the USA”.


Mallory Square Trapeze

A trapeze artist at Mallory Square, Key West

The Sunset at Mallory Square

In most places great sunsets, amazing sunsets are rare, but not at Mallory Square. Chances are excellent that any night you stop by the sunset will be stunning and memorable. During our visit the sunset lasted a good hour and was beautiful.

Eating at Mallory Square

Our plan was to enjoy the street performers and eat dinner at Mallory Square. The only restaurant right on water is Bistro 245. If you get there early enough around 7pm you can get a table right on the water with nothing blocking your view. So we did. We had several dishes including a great salad, linguini with lobster and shrimp, and great mahi mahi.

For kids they have grille cheese on a stick, which was a hit.

Mallory Square is within walking distance of where cruise ships dock, Duval Street, The Mel Fisher Museum, and the Key West Aquarium. There are many restaurants and bars close by.

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