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Guatemalan Coffee in Gainesville

Get a taste of Guatemala in a local Gainesville Bagel Shop.  When Ken Rembert, owner of The Bagel Bakery, went to Guatemala on a father and son trip 3 years ago, he never anticipated how this trip would affect him and the people of Guatemala.

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Guatemalan Children

The Bagel Bakery in Gainesville helps Guatemalan's

The Bagel Bakery
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4113 NW 16th Blvd
Gainesville, FL

Ken and his son were in Guatemala to work in an orphanage. While they were, there they took a day trip by plane to the Highlands and discovered what has turned out to be a “win-win” relationship for the people of Guatemala and the people of Gainesville, FL

Guatemala produces some of the best coffee in the world and Ken was motivated to help the Guatemalan people.  He also wanted to share the wonderful coffee with his customers in Gainesville, FL.

Guatemalan Coffee

Ken, with the help of some of his friends, figured out how to get the coffee to the Bagel Bakery in Gainesville in its most pure and fresh state, un-roasted or “green”. When asked about the process of getting the coffee into his customer’s cup, Ken says, “We have a small roaster in the bagel shop that we use to roast coffee during the week, insuring our coffee is as fresh as it could be”.

Helping the People of Guatemala
Ken wanted to make sure he did more than get incredible, fresh roasted coffee for his Bagel Bakery customers; he also wanted to help the people of Guatemala.  So he has worked out an arrangement that allows the Guatemalan farmers to earn a generous, higher than market, beginning price, as well as a bonus. Thus, farmers end up earning a much higher rate than the current market price.

Sharing the Wealth

Ken Travels to Guatemala on average twice per year to personally meet with the farmers and pay out their well earned bonuses. “It is extremely satisfying to meet the
families at their homes and see how the program is helping financially,” states Ken.

Customers of the Bagel Bakery are encouraged to have re-fills of coffee. For every refill, customers are asked to put a dollar in the specially marked collection bin.  All the money that goes into the bin is used to provide water filtration systems for the Guatemalan families that Ken has met over the last 3 years. To date he has installed enough filters to help more than 500 people. Now that is something to be proud of!

So if you are craving fresh roasted coffee and awesome homemade bagels, stop into the Bagel Bakery in Gainesville, FL, have a great meal and contribute to a great cause.

Comments about: Guatemalan Coffee in Gainesville

I am a local here in Gainesville.  Thanks for the interesting article on The Bagel Bakery.  I go there all the time and love the bagels and the coffee. It was nice to learn more about where the coffee comes from and how the owner discovered it. By the way, they also have really good lunch type food as well.

By Mark on 08-09-2008

The bagel bakery is my favorite morning stop.  I go almost every day for coffee and a bagel.  Thanks for recognizing it and its’ great coffee. If you are a real coffee drinker, you will appreciate this place.  Refills are only .75 per cup.  Sometimes I bring a book or read the paper and hang out for a couple of hours.

By Dawn on 08-09-2008

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