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Gainesville Private Schools

While Gainesville is famous for the University of Florida the public schools are about average for the State of Florida. The result is that some parents who can afford it put their children in private schools.

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Millhopper School Room

A room in Millhopper Montessori School, Gainesville, FL

A Private Elementary School

The Millhopper Montessori School
Below is a summary of the Millhopper Montessori School, which offers grades K through 8.

As American Montessori Society members, we pledge to conduct ourselves professionally and
personally in ways that will reflect our respect for each other and for the children we serve.  We will do
whatever is within our talents and capacity to protect the rights of each child to have the freedom and
opportunity to develop his full potential.

PRINCIPLE I – Commitment to the Student

In fulfillment of the obligation to the children, the educator:

1. Shall encourage independence action in the pursuit of learning.
2. Shall protect the opportunity to provide for participation in educational programs without regard to
race, sex, color, creed or national origin.
3. Shall protect the health and safety of students.
4. Shall honor professional commitments, maintain obligations and contracts while never soliciting
nor involving students or their parents in schemes for commercial gain.
5. Shall keep in confidence information that has been secured in the course of professional service,
unless disclosure serves professional purposes or is required by law.

PRINCIPLE II – Commitment to the Public

The Montessori educator shares in the responsibility for the development of policy relating to the
extension of educational opportunity for all and for interpreting educational programs and policies to
the public in fulfilling these goals, the educator:

1. Shall support his/her professional society and not misrepresent its policies in public discussion. 
2. Whenever speaking or writing about policies, the educator should take the precaution to
distinguish his/her private views from the official position of the society.
3. Shall not interfere with nor exploit the rights and responsibilities of colleagues within the teaching

A Private High School

Oak Hall is a kindergarten through 12 grade private school that has no religious affiliation.

Students in the lower grades (k through 5) enjoy at 10 to 1 student teach ratio. These elementary age students are given an balanced curriculum that in addition to the basics includes in arts, physical eduction, and music.

Middle school age students (grades 6 through 8) allows students to be challenged with accelerated math, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, and geometry honors. Students can also pursue a serious program in a second language and there is an excellent fine arts program.

High School at Oak Hall is considered a College Preparatory Program. In addition to the core education in English, history, math, and science students are encouraged to participate in the schools athletic programs.

A few of the upper level grade courses include:
English (levels 1 to 4), History (American, World, US), Math (Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2), Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics).

Millhopper School Sign

The Millhopper Montessori School, Gainesville, Florida

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