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Florida State University (FSU) has 41,000 total students based on 2007 enrollment numbers. FSU offers a wide variety of degrees ranging from business, communications, education, and criminology to engineering, law, medicine, nursing, and music.

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Wescott Building at FSU

Westcott building, the entrance to FSU, Tallahassee

In addition to these customary degree programs FSU offers degrees designed to fit the opportunities unique to the state of Florida such as Professional Golf Management, Oceanography, the Institute for Fishery Research Ecology and the Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication.

Being located in Tallahassee, the capitol of Florida makes attending FSU a unique experience. The presence of state government combined with the highly educated population that FSU produces and attracts creates an environment where students can explore opportunities and get a strong start on their career.

FSU is a state university, which means that residents of Florida pay about $3,400 a year for tuition while non-residents pay about $16,000 a year for tuition. Residents of Florida pay $115 per credit and non-residents pay $553 per credit. As a result the bulk of students at FSU are from Florida. But the University does have a diverse student body. There are students at FSU from all 50 states and over 50 countries.

The entrance to FSU, Wescott Building and Ruby Diamond Auditorium

picture of Wescott Building and Ruby Diamond Auditorium

Following is a summary of some of the degree programs offered at FSU.

The College of Business at FSU

The College of Business at FSU consistently ranks as one of the top business schools in the country. Founded in 1950 the college of business has 4,641 full time students. In 2008 The College of Business was ranked number 69 by BusinessWeek Magazine and received a grade of A for job placement of its graduates.

The college of business includes:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Hospitality, Dedman School of Management
  • Management Information Systems
  • Marketing
  • Risk Management/Insurance, Real Estate & Business Law

The school of hospitality offers bachelors degrees in hospitality and professional golf management.

The College of Medicine at FSU

In 2005 FSU graduated its first medical school students. Since 1972 FSU has provided the first year of medical school and students were then transferred to the University of Florida in Gainesville. But in 2000 FSU created a complete medical school.

In addition to the main campus the FSU medical school has regional campuses in Orlando, Pensacola, Sarasota, Tallahassee, Daytona Beach, and Fort Pierce. In their third and fourth years, medical students complete their required clinical rotations at one of these regional centers.

The College of Nursing at FSU

Florida State University was the first accredited degree program in the state of Florida and was founded in 1950. The college of nursing is relatively small with about 150 new students admitted each year. The program is known for its friendly and welcoming environment.

The College of Engineering at FSU

The College of Engineering at FSU is actually a joint institute between Florida State University and Florida A&M University. The engineering program has been in place for 25 years. The college is located in over 200,000 square feet of classrooms, offices, and laboratory facilities.

The College of Engineering has six research centers that include composite technologies, the center for intelligent systems, control, and robotics, the sustainable energy science and engineering center, the center for advanced power systems, the center for nanomagnetics and biotechnology.

The Antarctic Research Facility

The Antarctic Research Facility is a national repository for geological materials collectedin polar regions. It is supported by an operational grant from the National Science Foundation, Office of Polar Programs ( Grant Number 0338192). The Facility houses over 20,000 meters of deep-sea core sediment and over 5,000 kg of dredge, trawl, and grab samples, the largest such Southern Ocean collection in the world. These materials have been acquired from over 90 USAP research vessel cruises. The Facility also houses and curates nearly 3,000 meters of rotary cored geological material acquired by NSF supported drilling programs in the Antarctic.

National High Magnetic Field Laboratory

The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (NHMFL) was awarded through peer-reviewed competition to Florida State University in August 1990.

The NHMFL is the only laboratory of its kind in the Western Hemisphere, and one of a dozen such facilities in the world. It is staffed by a team of over 400 staff, including over 120 Ph.D. scientists and professional engineers. It is also the world's largest magnetic field laboratory at 330,000 square feet and highest powered facility with an extremely quiet 40 megawatt power supply. The NHMFL houses some of the world's highest field magnets that have been designed and advanced by an in-house engineering group.

College of Visual Arts, Theater, and Dance

FSU has a internationally recognized faculty of practicing artists, actors, dancers, directors and designers. The College offers degree programs in Art, Art History, Art Education, Dance, Interior Design, and Theatre and is the preeminent arts institution in Florida.

College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences at FSU is the University’s oldest and largest college. Arts and Sciences is exhaustive and includes the following departments:

  • Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC)
  • Anthropology
  • Biological Science
  • Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Classics
  • Computational Science, School of
  • Computer Science
  • English
  • Geological Sciences
  • History
  • Interdisciplinary Humanities
  • Mathematics
  • Meteorology
  • Military Science (Army ROTC)
  • Modern Languages & Linguistics
  • Oceanography
  • Philosophy
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • Religion
  • Statistics

Life at FSU

FSU is a four year university that provides students everything they need on campus. On campus dormitories, the student union, and on campus stores make it easy for students to attend classes and have everything they need without the need for a car.

A photo of Smith Hall, a Dorm at Florida State University

picture of a Dorm at Florida State University

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I would like to ask a question what is the grade point average and SAT or ACT score do you have to have to get into FSU?

By Richard R. on 08-21-2008

For the 2008 class at FSU the middle 50 percent of freshman accepted had: 3.7-4.2 GPA, 1190-1330 SAT (critical reading plus math) and ACT of 26-29. 

The big state schools in Florida - FSU and UF are getting tougher to get into.

By Inside Florida on 08-22-2008

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