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Florida Home Insurance

Many Americans call Florida home because of its beautiful coastline, beaches, and warm weather.  Its location also exposes Florida to hurricanes from the tropical waters.  Unfortunately, the exposure to hurricanes is one of the main reasons Florida home insurance rates are higher than the average.

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Homeowners insurance is critical.  It helps pay for repairs, loss of personal possessions, or the rebuilding of your home if it’s affected by theft, fire, or disaster.  Mortgage companies also require home insurance in the state of Florida.

There are ways you can reduce your Florida home insurance premium.  First, you need to understand the different components of a homeowners insurance policy.

Property Coverage

The property coverage portion of a Florida homeowners insurance policy covers your home, personal property, and other structures on your property such as a detached garages.  It’s important to have sufficient coverage in place to rebuild your home if it’s destroyed.  In Florida, the wind insurance portion of your insurance coverage can be up to 60% of your overall homeowners insurance premium.

Personal Liability Coverage

The liability coverage portion of homeowners insurance in Florida includes personal liability and medical payments to others.  These are claims that are not auto related and not business related. You need to have enough liability insurance to protect yourself from lawsuits resulting from your negligence.  Medical expenses, regardless of whose fault, are covered for persons injured on your property or by your pet. 

Florida Mortgage Requirements

Mortgage companies require you to have home owners insurance coverage that is equal to the amount of the mortgage.  If there’s a hurricane, tornado, or other disaster that causes major damage to your Florida home, you need to have sufficient coverage to pay for repair costs or to rebuild your home.

Reduce Your Homeowners Insurance

There are several ways you can reduce your homeowners insurance.  If you are building a new home, how well the home is built impacts your insurance rate.  If you already have a home, protection such as hurricane shutters, impact resistance windows, and extra strength added connecting your roof to the house can lower your rate.  These are just a few of the variables that can lower your homeowners insurance costs.

Flood Insurance

Many homeowners assume that flood insurance is a part of homeowners insurance but it is not.  If you live in a flood zone area, this insurance option is typically required. Since Florida has so much coastline, many lakes and rivers, and exposure to hurricanes, that flood insurance is a separate insurance policy you should consider buying.


Around the State

Insurance rates vary depending on where you live in Florida. Coastal areas typically have higher rates because they are in high wind regions. This is especially true in Monroe County (the Florida Keys), and Dade County (Miami), where the wind regions are rated for winds up to 150 mph.

Just North of Dade County, Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, and St Lucie Counties are all rated for winds up to 140 mph on the coast.

Counties in the Florida Panhandle including Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, and Escambia are rated for 140 mph winds near the coast.

Other Homeowners Insurance Types

If you don’t own a home, many Florida residents who are renting choose to purchase renters insurance for similar financial protection.  Condo owners have separate policies they can purchase to protect their property.


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