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Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU)

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) is located in central Tallahassee, just south of downtown.  The 419 acre campus is situated on the highest of Tallahassee’s seven hills in Leon County Florida.

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Coleman Library FAMU

The Coleman library FAMU, Tallahassee

FAMU was founded in 1887 as an institution to serve African American and other minorities.  A portion of the campus is listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places as the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical College Historic District.  The main campus is located just south of downtown west of S. Monroe Street and north of Orange Avenue in Tallahassee.

FAMU Overview

With a student population of over 10,000 as of 2008, FAMU is nationally known for its business, pharmacy and engineering schools.  It is the home of the famous Marching 100 band which performed in President Obama’s Inaugural Parade and which is the only American band invited to perform in France’s prestigious Bicentennial Bastille Celebration in 1989.  FAMU’s sports teams are called the “Rattlers” and the school colors are green.

Students can enjoy Tallahassee’s many cultural offerings, its urban environment and the proximity to Florida’s state government agencies and offices.  They can also enjoy the excitement of collegiate sports with FAMU’s Rattlers and FSU’s Seminoles.  Florida State University (FSU) is only a few miles from FAMU in Tallahassee.  Two hours away, the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico are a great get away for students.

FAMU Degrees

FAMU is one of 11 institutions in the Florida State University System.  It offers 62 bachelors degrees in 94 majors/tracks and 37 masters degrees in 50 majors/tracks.  It offers three professional degrees, a JD, a PharmD and a doctor of physical therapy. 

It also offers Ph.D. degrees in biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, pharmaceutical sciences, entomology, physics, educational leadership and environmental science. 

Through its Division of Continuing Education, FAMU offers continuing education, professional development, undergraduate and graduate programs at six off-site locations in Florida:  Madison, Jacksonville, Chattahoochee, Lakeland and Macclenny counties.  Study abroad programs are offered in Dominican Republic and Mexico.

FAMU has a high graduation rate and provides its students with a high academic and social atmosphere.  In 2006, FAMU ranked the number one college for African Americans in the United States by Black Enterprise magazine. 

FAMU Entrance

The entrance to FAMU in Tallahassee

FAMU Tuition

In 2008, resident undergraduate tuition was about $3,500 for 30 credit hours and non-resident undergraduate tuition was about $15,500, with additional credit hours at $119 for residents and $517 for non-residents.  Resident graduate tuition was about $5,650 for 24 credit hours and $235 each additional credit hour and non-resident graduate tuition was about $20,300 for 24 credit hours and $845 each additional credit hour.

In 2008, law school students paid resident tuition of about $6,300 for 24 credit hours and $262 for each additional credit hour, and non-resident law students paid about $21,535 for 24 credit hours and $897 for each additional credit hour.

FAMU Programs and Colleges

FAMU has 13 schools and colleges and one institute which are listed below with a few summaries.

School of Allied Health Sciences
Started in 1982, FAMU’s School of Allied Health Sciences is a top producer of African-American allied health professionals in the State of Florida.  It offers focus in the following areas:  Cardiopulmonary Science, Health Care Management, Health Information Management, Occupational Therapy (which offers a Health Science–Occupation and Wellness Concentration) and Physical Therapy (which offers a Health Science–Pre-Physical Therapy Concentration).

School of Architecture
With over 100,000 square feet of space for classrooms, design studios, a gallery, construction lab and model shop, the School of Architecture is one of only six programs in the Florida State University System.

School of Nursing
The School of Nursing offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, bridge program for RN and a Masters in Nursing and an Advanced Practice Nursing certification in Adult/Geronotological Nurse Practitioner or Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner.  Students can access University of Florida’s doctoral program via video interactive distance learning from the campuses of FAMU and FSU.  The doctoral degree is granted by University of Florida. 

School of Business and Industry
School of Business and Industry offers a Bachelor of Science, a Professional MBA and a Four Semester MBA program for its students.  Classes are led by instructors with extensive business experience.

School of General Studies
This is the temporary home of students with undecided and undeclared majors.  This school focuses on helping students declare a major, retaining students in school and providing students with the tools to succeed.

School of Graduate Studies and Research
This School collaborates with the other colleges and schools to maintain, develop, coordinate, and monitor the policies and procedures that govern all graduate programs.  It supports the development of sponsored research and the research interests of individual faculty members.

To enhance the research program, the school expects to maintain an institutional data base and to disseminate information relative to the University’s research thrusts. The School liaisons with private corporations and foundations, and local, state, and national governmental agencies, to support FAMU’s research programs.

Lee Hall at FAMU

Lee hall on the campus of FAMU in Tallahassee is an auditorium that sits almost 1,200.

School of Journalism and Graphic Communication
The School of Journalism and Graphic Communication is located in over 100,000 square feet of classrooms, television studios, radio station and lab classrooms.  Students run FAMU’s newspapers, radio stations, television station, magazine and websites from the School.  It is home to almost 600 undergraduate and graduate students.

Environmental Sciences Institute
The Environmental Sciences Institute (ESI) was established in1995. The ESI is a multidisciplinary program that offers a wide range of services to students, governmental agencies, private sector companies, communities and other organizations. ESI is small, with only 80 students in all degree.  In addition to offering an undergraduate degree in Environmental Sciences, ESI offers graduate degrees in Science Curriculum, Environmental Restoration, Environmental Biotechnology, Environmental Policy, Marine and Estuarine and Radiation Protection.

College of Arts and Sciences
The College of Arts and Sciences is comprised of the following departments: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Information Systems, Economics, English, Foreign Languages, History, Political Science & African-American Studies, Mathematics, Music, Physics and Psychology.

College of Engineering Sciences, Technology and Agriculture
The College of Engineering Sciences, Technology and Agriculture is the land-grant arm of FAMU.  It continues the land-grant mission of FAMU’s origin in these areas: Academic Programs, Research and Technology, Cooperative Extension and Outreach, International Agricultural Programs and Navy ROTC.

College of Education
The College of Education was the first and only college when the university was created in 1887.  It is recognized as being a top producer of African-American teachers in the United States.  It offers ten different undergraduate degrees and eleven different graduate degrees.

College of Engineering (FAMU-FSU)
FAMU-FSU College of Engineering is a joint effort between Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University which has been ongoing for 25 years.  The college serves over 2,300 undergraduate and graduate students in two state-of-the-art buildings with plans for two additional buildings.

The College has six recognized research centers:  the Florida Advanced Center for Composite Technologies , the Center for Intelligent Systems, Control, and Robotics, the Sustainable Energy Science and Engineering Center; the Center for Advanced Power Systems; the Center for Nanomagnetics and Biotechnology and the Undergraduate Research Center for Cutting Edge Technologies.

College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
The College is a nationally recognized leader in pharmacy practices, research and public health.  The College is adding a new wing to its existing building.  It awarded the first Doctor of Public Health from any university in Florida in December 2008.  Branch campuses are located in Tampa, Jacksonville and Miami

FAMU College of Law
Located in downtown Orlando, this newly constructed campus is close to law firms, county and federal courthouses and government offices.  The law school is provisionally accredited by the American Bar Association as of 2008. 

FAMU Address and Contact Information
Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU), Tallahassee, Florida 32307. Phone: 850-599-3796, FAMU Website

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