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Fishing Key West

With the Atlantic Ocean to the South, the Gulf of Mexico to the North and Straits of Florida to the West, Key West is surround by outstanding fishing grounds.

Key West offers every kind of fishing you can imagine including offshore fishing and flats fishing, and spearfishing. If you are visiting Key West and want to go fishing you have a few options.

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Dolphin Caught off Key West

Dolphin (Mahi-Mahi) are one of the best eating fish caught off Key West, FL

1. Private Fishing Charter
The best way to experience fishing in Key West is with a private charter captain.  With you fish on a private charter the guide provides everything you need to fish including all the gear and fishing licenses. All you do is show up and bring your own food and drinks. At InsideFlorida.com we recommend Key West Fishing Native - we have fished with Captain Eddie Gates and had great success.

An experienced fishing guide will put you on fish and 9 times out of 10 you are going to catch fish. If you can afford a private charter Key West has many professional fishing guides.

2. Party Boat Fishing
Party boats take out large groups of people fishing. This is a less expensive way to get off shore and catch fish. Typically the equipment won’t be quite as nice and you are sharing a large boat with a big grow of people. But Party boat fishing is an expensive way to get out on the water and catch fish.

Mutton Snapper caught off Key West

Mutton Snapper are on of the many snapper you can catch off Key West, FL

Offshore Fishing

Offshore fishing in Key West is typically bottom fishing or trolling. Many of the species you will catch bottom fishing in Key West are excelling for eating and many of the local restaurants will cook your catch - just make sure you bring in fillets, which your fishing guide will usually do for you.

Bottom Fishing
Bottom fishing involves taking the boat to a location where there is some kind of structure such as the reef, a wreck, rocks, or other rubble. This underwater structure attracts fish. Typically the boat is anchored and you catch a variety of bottom fish found in Key West such as grouper and snapper.

Trolling off the coast of Key West you can expect to catch Sailfish, Dolphin (mahi mahi), Wahoo, Kingfish, Tuna, and other species. Depending on the time of year trolling can be done right outside the reef just a few off shore, to several miles off shore.

Flats Fishing

Flats fishing in Key West is typically done in the warmer months. There are a variety of areas to Flats Fish in the Key West Area from the mangrove islands on the north side of the Island out to the Marquesas Islands west of Key West. Fishing caught Flats Fishing include Bone Fish, Tarpon, and many other species.

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