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Roller coasters, rides, animals, shows, and the famous Clydesdale horses are a few of the things you will see at Busch Gardens in Tampa.

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Busch Gardens Clydesdale

Clydesdale at Busch Gardens, Tampa

The highlight of Busch Gardens in Tampa is definitely the roller coasters. They range from Gwazi an old style wooden roller coaster with almost 7,000 feet of track to Sheikra with a true 90 degree - that’s straight down - 200 foot drop. If you love roller coasters this is the place to get your motor running.

Roller Coasters at Busch Gardens


Gwazi is a double roller coaster - the largest and fastest double roller coaster in the southeast. It creates a sensation of being in bobsled and soars high in the air with great views through multiple spirals.  The downside of wooden roller coasters is they feel jerky - your body gets banged around left, right and all around.


Sheikra is not for you fear heights but if you are a thrill seeker this is your roller coaster. You start out by slowly cruising to the top at 200 feet up, then you are momentarily hung over the edge looking straight down (200 feet down). Then the fun really starts as you are dropped at 70 MPH.

Skeikra is the tallest roller coaster in Florida and takes you through drops, tunnels, and water.


Scorpion is one of the roller coasters that smaller (you must be 42-inches tall) can ride. It’s a rush with a 60 foot drop and a full 360 degree loop.

Stanley Falls

Stanley Falls is a classic log flume ride that will get you wet. Any time it is hot (and that is most of the year in Florida) this is a great way to cool off. Kids as young as 2 years old can ride Stanley Falls with an adult.


This is another great ride to cool off on. Tanganyika takes you on a 20 passenger boat ride and ends with a sudden plunge down a 55 foot drop.


This is the closest thing to a space walk to get the feeling of being weightless. Kumba is an exciting ride - not for the faint of heart - that starts with a 135 foot drop and takes you through spiraling 360 degree loops.


If you want feel g force while upside down and fly through a 60 foot vertical loop then Montu is your ride - you must just ride it over and over. You will reach speeds of 60 MPG pull 3.85 G’s - kind of like a fighter pilot.


Busch Gardens Sheikra

Skeikra roller coaster at Busch Gardens, Tampa FL

Attractions for Little Kids

If you have younger children (age 5 and younger) there are plenty of attractions for them. From rides to playgrounds and amazing animals younger children will have a blast at Busch Gardens.

Land of the Dragons

Kids of all ages can spend a few hours at the Land of the Dragons. The main attraction is a three story tree house with suspended walkways and slides.

Rides for Kids
The land of the dragons has many rides for kids.

Animal Attractions

Busch Gardens is famous for animals from the amazing Clydesdales to 500 tropical birds, rhinos, giraffes, hyenas, meerkats, hippos, and a crocodile.

The Clydesdales
The Clydesdales alone are worth the trip to Busch Gardens in Tampa. Visit them in their stables, stand next to one of the Clydesdales, pet him and get your picture taken with a 2,500 pound horse.  The person standing closest to the Clydesdales’ head will probably get a snuggle from the giant horse. The caretaker describes the Clydesdales’s personalities similar to golden retrievers. They even have that cute donkey named Sprint and the wagon it pulled in the commercials.

The Brewmaster Club

Drink some excellent ice cold beer and eat cheese and chocolate at the Brewmaster Club.

Busch Gardens Gwazi2

Wooden roller coaster at Busch Gardens, Tampa FL

Busch Gardens Stanley

Get wet and cool of on Stanley Falls log flume, Busch Gardens Tampa

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