In Florida, school is out for summer. Florida children have no school for 10 to 12 weeks. It sounds great to the kids but parents quickly realize they have to find something for the children to do. The solution is Summer Camp. And Florida has a camp to suite almost any interest.

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Day Camps in Florida

Day camp can be a good choice for younger children or teens that don’t want to leave town. They can also be less expensive. Many of the sleepaway camps also offer commuter options for local kids that don’t sleep over.

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If you went to a day camp as a child you probably have fond memories. As children a few members of the Inside Florida team went to a camp in Miami that had go carts, swimming, a rip line, archery, movies and a lot more we can’t remember - it’s been a few years. That Camp was Alexander Camp on Ludlam Road in Miami. It’s still there and better than ever.

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Florida Sleepaway Camps

Sleepaway camp can be a good way for kids to grow up a little and gain some independence. Many of the top specialty camps aren’t in your town so your only choices is sleepaway.

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Sleepaway camps range from one week sports camps such as the Billy Donovan Basketball Camps at the University of Florida to multi-week camps like Seacamp Florida keys.

Florida can offer unique sleepaway camp options. Seacamp for example focuses on Marine Science and offers campers snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, kayaking, windsurfing all in the Florida Keys.

Here are a few of our Top Picks for Sleepaway Camps

As summer approaches start to plan early. Florida Summer camps fill up early so the longer you wait the less choices you will have. And if the camp you are interested in is already full then fill out an application for next year.